Обо мне

Живу в России, пол мужской, дата рождения 24.02.1978, характер скверный, но женат.
С детства интересовался компьютерами, и они стали моей профессией.
Вероисповедание: русский православный атеист.
Темперамент: флегматик, старательно подавляющий в себе сангвиника.

эл. почта: maslov.d@sandy.ru; телефон: +7-951-901-21-30.

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  1. sean говорит:

    Good day sir. After a google search for Metallica «One» I came across your website here. I wish to say that you have a fantastic taste in music and I appreciate that your music is open to the public. Thank you for a great playlist.

  2. Sajal Jain говорит:

    And i came here from a west end girls search. Very nice website. I live in delhi, india.

  3. Sajal Jain говорит:

    Long live revolution

  4. Chris говорит:

    Hello Mr.Maslov, I came across your directory by chance. Thank you for the large data base of education/music/software.

  5. dm говорит:

    >>> 14.01.2021 17:28, Chandler Schell:

    >>> Hi I just stumbled upon your server and I found it very interesting and was wondering if you were still active on it.

    You’re welcome.

    It’s just my home working machine, and I’ll be active on it till the end of my life .

  6. dm говорит:

    21.09.2012 11:57, Dmitry Maslov пишет:
    > Hi.
    > Your letter went to ‘Junk’ folder in my mail, so I’ve found it only today.
    > On 16.08.2012 14:30, Robison Canavezzi wrote:
    >> I write this e-mail for you to say thanks I loved your songs Mp3 directory.
    > You’re welcome.
    >> Well I’m married too I have 3 sons and 2 grandsons.
    > Excellent, glad for you.
    >> If you want you have a friend in Brazil.
    > Thanks. And welcome to Russia. On vacation I usually travel to nearest countries, the other side of the Earth is quite expensive to fly to. But who knows.
    >> I work in a governamental high school and a private school.
    >> People with your knowledge are welcome to work and live here.
    > Qualified people are required everywhere :).

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